The "Must Be Nearby" setting requires shoppers to be at (or close) to your target's physical location in order to be able to take your survey. It uses the device's geocoding features to find out the shopper's current location, and compares it with the target location.  This setting is only available in Presto Insta-Shops, and is disabled by default.

WARNING: Some mobile devices (or computers/web browsers) do a better job than others of finding the location -- and some locations are hard to find (for example, if cell service is poor and a GPS fix is not available). Before you restrict a survey, we strongly suggest testing a few typical devices at locations that may be hard to reach. If you have issues, don't enable Must Be Nearby. Shoppers will still be asked to verify their location and will be warned if they seem to be far away, but will still be able to complete and submit the evaluation.  The reviewer can see their location and decide whether to accept the shop.  Shoppers can also improve their location accuracy by using the Presto Insta-Shopper app (available for Android and iOS mobile devices), which has better control over location services than a mobile browser.

How can I see where the evaluator was when they filled out the survey?

Setting up "Must Be Nearby" 

To check the shopper's location and block them from taking the evaluation if they are not near from the target, follow these steps:

  1. Select your survey from the drop-down at the top of the screen, then go to Surveys -> Edit Survey.  
  2. On the Restrictions tab, check Must Be Nearby:
  3. Click the checkmark at the upper right corner of the box to close the popup.

Presto will keep the survey locked if it cannot get a geocode, or if the shopper is too far from the target: