In Presto, you can add up to 1000 targets at once, as long as you have the required information for each target/location:

  • A unique target ID (not used by any other target on this company)
  • A target name
  • Information about the target's location: either the address, or the latitude and longitude

You can also enter the following optional information:

  • More info, used in Presto Insta-Shops to provide additional information to help an Insta-Shopper find the location (for example, "First floor near the food court").
  • Target/location group that you want to add the target/location to.
  • Disabled to indicate if the target should be set to disabled status.

1.  If you have multiple companies, use the company/survey selector on the nav bar to select the company where you want to add targets. This is very important -- if you skip this step, you may create your targets on the wrong company!

2.  Click Setup -> Targets (Setup -> Locations in Insta-Shops) to go to the Targets page, then click Add ManyTargets at the top of the page.  You will see two options: one to use if you have latitude and longitude data for your targets, and one if you have only address information:

Latitude and longitude data will import faster and have more accurate results, so if you have latitude and longitude information, choose this option!

3.  Now copy your target information into the Add Many Targets input box.  Typically, your targets would be stored in a spreadsheet like this (for address info):

...or this (for lat/long info):

Disabled locations can be indicated with either 1 or inactive.  Any other values (or none) in the Disabled column will make the target active.  

Select the location information and paste it into the input box on the Add Many Targets page:

If your targets are in an Excel spreadsheet or tab-delimited file, leave the Field Separator blank. Otherwise, enter whatever is used to separate fields. For example, if your targets were entered in a comma-separated file like the one below, you would enter a comma in the Field Separator box.

NOTE: you can select a target group to add all the targets to (in addition to any that are specified in the file).

Check the Preview to make sure that your target data looks correct. If everything looks right, click Next.

4.  Select the type of information in each column.  Below is an example for Address information, which allows you to select the target ID, target name, target group, address information, and "More Info". If (as in this example) your address information is in multiple columns, select Address, Address 2, Address 3, etc. in the correct address order.   

If you have columns that are blank or that contain unneeded information, leave them set to ignore.

Below is an example for Latitude-Longitude information,  Here you can select the target ID, target name, target group, address information, latitude and longitude, and "More Info".  The address is only used for the shopper's information - it is not used to get a geocode for the target.  

NOTE: latitude and longitude information must be entered as decimal degrees (as in the example above), not as degrees/minutes/seconds or degrees/decimal minutes.

5.  Click Next to see the mapping page. Here, you can:

  • Delete any rows that aren't location information
  • See a target's location on a map
  • Map and save a single target 
  • Map and save all targets 

...and, in much less time than it takes to tell about it, you'll have added MANY targets!

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