You can add a picture to your Presto survey with bbcode tags.  bbcode is a markup syntax -- basically a way of putting formatting or meta-commands in some text.  It's similar to the HTML tags that are used to add links and formatting to web pages.  

There are two ways you can include an image:

  • Display it directly in the survey (that is, as part of the question or answer option text).  This is suitable for smaller images that won't disrupt the survey, particularly if evaluators will be using mobile devices with smaller screens.  To add an image, use the syntax [img]{image-link}[/img] (for example, [img][/img] displays the Google logo).
  • Provide a link to the image.  This is suitable for larger images or situations where you need to provide some additional explanatory text that you do not want to include in the survey.  The link opens in a new tab or window.  To add a link, use the syntax [url={link}]{link-text}[/url] (for example, [url=]Click here to learn about Presto[/url] displays the link Click here to learn about Presto.