There's a rule in Presto that companies are always owned by the account that creates them.  That's fine if you're a small one-person shop, but if you have employees and you want some of them to be able to set up client companies, it's a problem.  You have to create the client company on your "company" account, and then grant access to your employee, in order to let them do work for the client.

The new Shared Administration feature lets you grant someone else the ability to create companies on your company account.  To give someone else Shared Administration permission for your account, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your Presto account.
  2. Go to the user menu (your email address) and select Manage Users (the company selected does not matter -- you will be granting administration for your entire account).
  3. Under Shared Administration, enter the email address of the user with whom you want to share administration and click Grant Access.

  4. Now, when this user creates a client company (User menu -> Add a Company), they will see a new option that lets them select your account as the owner account of the new company:

NOTE: giving a user Shared Administration privileges does NOT grant them access to any of your client companies.  It simply gives them the ability to create new client companies on your account.  You must still grant them access to other client companies as needed.