Presto Insta-Shops are small, fast, mobile mystery shops. Shoppers self-assign mystery shops (“claim”, in Presto-speak), do the shop, and (in most cases) fill out and submit the survey at or near the shop location. They’re easy to set up and easy to do -- but because there is no scheduler, there’s no one for the shopper to fall back on when they’re confused or things go wrong.

To create a successful Insta-Shops program, you need to:

  1. Design and create a great survey, including all necessary guidelines
  2. Enter your shop locations
  3. Fund your program (remember, all Insta-Shops programs must be funded before your shops can go live)
  4. Set up batches (to control how your program runs)
  5. Review your Insta-Shops once they're completed.

Click the links above to get all the details on how to get your Insta-Shops program together!