To review shops, go to Results -> Shops.  Here you will see all your shops for this survey, arranged in five tabs as follows:

  • In Progress: shops that have been claimed but are not yet complete.  
  • Needs Review: completed and submitted shops.  This is the default tab, and where you go to review shops.
  • Accepted: shops that have been reviewed and approved by an admin.  
  • Rejected: shops that have been rejected by an admin.
  • Abandoned: shops that the shopper has deleted from their device without completing.  In Progress shops can be changed to Abandoned by a reviewer, and will automatically be changed to Abandoned if they go beyond their run time limit. 

To review a shop, click the pencil icon to the right of the shop listing.  This brings up a new tab/window where you can review the shop and make changes if necessary.  At the bottom of the page are four buttons:

  • Accept: accept and approve the shop.  This moves the shop to the Accepted tab.  Accepted shops can be viewed in reporting and imported into SASSIE.
  • Reject: reject the shop.  This  moves the shop to the Rejected tab.  When rejecting a shop, you can provide a rejection reason (strongly recommended).
  • Request Revision: allows the reviewer to request a change by the shopper.  This puts the shop back in In Progress status and sends a message to the shopper from the reviewer, explaining the requested revision.  If you request a revision, the shopper has 24 hours to resubmit the shop (which puts it back in Needs Review).  If the shop is not resubmitted within 24 hours, it is automatically rejected.
  • Save: save your edits but do not change the shop status.

You can also limit the shops that you see by clicking on Search Settings.

NOTE: you have 72 hours to review shops.  If a shop remains in Needs Review for more than 72 hours, it is automatically accepted.  

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