If you are a Presto Preferred Provider, you can fund Insta-Shops programs via ACH/bank draft.  

ACH funding is ONLY available in the US, and can only be done by an authorized funding account.  To designate the authorized funding account to use for ACH payments, please contact our support department.  The owner of this account will need to go through the process of entering and confirming the bank account information as described below.

The owner of this funding account can add funds (USD) to any Presto Insta-Shops client company to which they have full access.  Please contact our support department if you need to:

  • Transfer funds between client companies
  • Transfer funds from USD to any other currency

Adding and verifying bank account information

  1. Log on to the authorized account and go to http://insta.prestometrics.com/site/AddBankAccount
  2. Enter the bank account number, routing number, owner name and account type:

  3. You will see a message that two small deposits will be made into the account.  Check your account for these transactions, then return to http://insta.prestometrics.com/site/AddBankAccount and enter the transaction amounts:

    You will see a message that your account has been verified and can be used to fund shops.

Getting access to companies

Once the funding account has been designated, this account must be granted full access to all client companies that they will be funding.  This can be done from any account that has FULL access to the client company.

  1. Select the client company from the nav bar.
  2. Under Company Access, enter the email address of the authorized funding account.
  3. Select Full as the Access Type.
  4. Click Grant Access.  

Once access to a client company has been granted, the authorized funding account can fund shops directly via ACH.

Using ACH to pay for shops

Adding funds via ACH is a direct payment from your designated bank account to Presto Insta-Shops.  The funds are credited immediately to the selected client company.  Your bank account cannot be accessed under any other circumstances.  
  1. Select the company that you want to add funds to in the nav bar, and on the Batches page (Setup -> Batches) click Add Shopper Funding.

    Make sure you have the correct company selected!  The funds you add in the next step will be applied to THAT company!

  2. On the next page, enter the amount of funds you want to add (currently $US only).  You will see the calculated processing fee for bank account funding (ACH - 2.5%) and credit card (6%). Click Check Out.

  3. On the next page, select the verified bank account as your payment method from the drop-down and click Accept and Buy:

    You will see a message that your charge was successful.  To verify that the correct amount of shopper funds has been credited to your company, go to Setup -> Batches and view the Shopper Pay amount under Available Credits and Shopper Funds: