In order to get your Presto Insta-Shops on the map, you need to enter your shop locations -- and verify their accuracy!  To enter locations, you will need (for each location):

  • A location ID (must be unique for this company)
  • A location name (does NOT have to be unique - it helps if this is descriptive, especially including the name of the business)
  • Mappable address information
  • Latitude/longitude (for locations outside the USA)

Entering shop locations

You can enter your shop locations one at a time, or (if you have them in a spreadsheet) you can enter many at once (up to 1000 at a time).  

Whichever method you use, make sure to check that your locations were entered!  There are a few situations (for example, duplicate location IDs) when a location cannot be entered.  If this happens, please correct the location information and reenter it.

Checking for possibly problematic locations

Once you've entered your locations, you need to make sure that they all have precise and accurate geocodes.  Without this,your shops will not appear in the correct location on the Presto map (or won't appear at all).  To avoid this, use Presto's tools to check for possibly problematic locations and correct them.  Any location that has not geocoded to address-level accuracy OR had its location manually corrected will not appear on the Presto map.  

Creating location groups

For some projects, you'll want to create different location groups, to shop only certain locations, or offer different pay.  Some tips for using location groups:

  • A location can belong to any number of location groups
  • Location groups can be deleted, but this does NOT delete the locations in the group OR disable them