When you reject a shop, the shopper receives an email containing the reason for the rejection (if one was provided), and a link to a form that they can use to appeal the rejection:


If the shopper appeals the rejection, the reviewer receives an email with a link to the rejection appeal form and to the shop that was rejected:


The appeal form asks the shopper whether they followed the shop guidelines, provided required documentation and performed the shop during the location's hours of operation.  It also asks about problems they encountered during the shop, and provides a free-from text field for explanations:


At this point, if the reviewer chooses, he/she can use the link to the shop to review it again, make changes if necessary, and accept the shop (yes, you can do that, even if it was previously rejected).  If you do not act on the rejection appeal, the shop remains in rejected status.

NOTE: accepting a previously rejected shop may result in "extra" shops (for example, if the rejected shop's location was since shopped by another shopper).