The batch stats page shows you a summarized view of shop counts for one or more batches.  

To access the batch stats page, go to Setup -> Batches and click the batch stats icon next to the batch you want to view.

On the batch stats page, the Campaigns tab is selected by default.  A campaign is a set of goals that you are trying to achieve in one or more batches.  This could be a number of shops for the batch, per location, or in a location group (via batch location group quotas).  

This article covers the simplest type of campaign, one that includes a single batch.  Normally, a campaign is automatically created whenever you create a batch.

The campaign page includes the following controls and information:

  1. Campaign name.  By default, this is the same as the batch name.
  2. Location options.  By default, the batch stats page does not include shops on disabled locations, non-mappable locations or locations that are not currently in the batch's location group.
  3. Goals vs. Accepted/Goals vs. Totals.  The batch stats page always shows all shops for the batch (minus any locations excluded by the default options -- see 2 above).  It also indicates how far the batch has progressed towards its goals. These goals depend on the batch settings, and can include a maximum number of shops for the batch, a maximum number of shops per location, and/or a maximum number of shops in a quota group.  By default, the batch stats page counts only accepted shops toward these goals.  If you want to include claimed and completed (but not yet accepted) shops in the progress towards goals, click View Goals vs Totals.  The text on the button then changes to View Goals vs Accepted - clicking it toggles the view back to only counting accepted shops toward goals.

    In the example shown below, the batch has the following goals:
    1. Maximum shops for the batch: 125
    2. Maximum shops per location: 1
    3. Maximum shops per quota group:
      1. East: 15
      2. Midwest: 12
      3. South: 18
      4. West: 20
  4. Progress.  For all batches in the campaign (only one batch in this example), the progress  is summarized for the company, batch, survey and batch group.   Only the batch section shows a goal, and only if you set an overall limit of shops on the batch.  In this example, the batch's overall limit of 125 shops is displayed as the goal.
  5. Progress toward batch location group quotas.  If the batch has batch location group quotas, there is another section headed with the name of the location group type ("Region" in this example).  Each quota group is displayed with its quota as the goal.  
  6. Locations.  Individual locations are displayed at the bottom of the batch stats page. When there are many locations, as in this example, the individual locations are not shown by default.

Below is what you would see if you clicked View Goals vs. Totals.  As you can see, when in progress and completed (but not yet accepted) shops are included, the Midwest the quota group has met its goal of 12 shops.  This means that all pins for locations in this group are currently off the map, and will remain off as long as all 12 shops are eventually completed and accepted.

If you click Display in the Locations section, you can see the progress of individual locations (i.e.,  whether each individual location has a shop).  

If you have many locations, you can use filters to show a subset of the locations.  To do this:

  1. Click the gear icon to see the filter options.
  2. Select which locations you want to see (those that have met their goal, or those that have not met their goal).

    Remember that if you are using the default view, only locations with accepted shops are considered to have met their goal.  If you want to also see (or exclude) locations with in progress or completed (but not yet accepted) shops, click the View Goals vs Totals button at the top of the page.  
  3. Click Go.
  4. If you would like to download the results as a spreadsheet, click the down arrow icon.